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Individual, couple, and family therapy

I am one of the few licensed psychologists board certified in treating couples and families (ABPP). My areas of expertise include the treatment of relationship distress as well as mood and anxiety disorders. I have received in-depth training in Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy and Functional Family Therapy. Both approaches are science-based treatments for relationship distress, psychopathology, and adolescent behavior problems. I also specialize in gender-specific issues (e.g., gender role socialization, work-family balance).


I provide bilingual (French and English) assessment and psychotherapy services for youth, adults, couples and families struggling with difficulties that range from problems of daily living to chronic mental health issues.  These include, but are not limited to:  Anxious and depressed mood, problems of adolescence, school/work problems, family conflict, parenting, intimacy, divorce, adjustment to life transitions, and personal growth.


My approach

I have an integrative, cognitive-behavioral approach to mental health with a focus on interpersonal functioning. Personal growth occurs in the context of healthy relationships, and our connection with others is an essential part of who we are. How we think, behave, and relate are interconnected and essential components of our wellbeing. With my assistance, you will develop and practice the skills needed to address the difficulties you are experiencing as well as those you may encounter later on in life.


The length of the services I provide will depend on the severity of the problems you wish to address and resolve. Most individuals benefit from short-term psychotherapy (6 to 12 sessions); however, some difficulties require more sessions.

Practice Areas
  • Mental health assessment

  • Short-term counseling

  • Individual psychotherapy

  • ​Couple and family therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy

  • Functional Family Therapy

  • Mood and anxiety disorders

  • Adolescence

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